Andrew & Hailey by Matt Lesky

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in filming I forget to appreciate what really good, joyful love looks like. Andrew and Hailey have it!

As I was editing I was consistently impressed by their contagious smiles, enduring enthusiasm, and unyielding love for each other and for God. The whole day, from preparation at Hailey's sister's house, to kissing outside The Midtown Center at sunset, their love was infectious. Even when they were apart you could see it!

The morning was full of curling hair, dabbing on makeup, excited giggles and yet Hailey couldn't resist breaking it down when Ester Dean's "Drop It Low" featuring Chris Brown came on. Nothing like I good banger of a song to get you in the mood for everlasting love :) Hailey and Andrew both have a lot of people who love them, so with a whopping 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen, the preparation spaces got a bit busy, but oh so fun. 

I mean look at them all! Photo by Emily Capisciolto 

I mean look at them all! Photo by Emily Capisciolto 

The day flew by and it was a true honor to stand by and witness it all. I wanted to capture all their small moments; dancing backstage before their grand entrance, naturally giggling as they cuddled after their first look, and their rockstar bridal party. I could never get tired of editing a couple like Andrew and Hailey. Cheers to you both, and God bless!

Photos: Emily Capisciolto Photography

Dj: Curtis Avison

Venues: Midtown Center and Cornerstone URC